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  • 2021-09-24


Contact Information

§Tel :+866-2-2322-8000
Income Tax Division
▶Income Tax:8124、8123
▶Income Tax Reduction and Exemption:8419、8432
▶Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax:8420、8114
▶Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax Reduction and Exemption:8416、8421、7574
▶Tax Agent business:8448
Consumption Tax Division
▶Commodity Tax :7587、8200、8428、8441、8545
▶Securities Transaction Tax :8424、8426
▶Futures Transaction Tax:8424、8426
▶Business Tax:7417、7589、8132、8134、8136、8424~8426、8439、8542、8572
▶Tobacco and Alcohol Tax :8200、8428、8545、7587、8441
▶The Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax:8200、8545
Property Tax Division
▶Estate and Gift Tax:8147、8149、8131、8360、8396
▶Land Tax:8145、8144、7564、8557、8142、8450
▶Land Tax Reduction and Exemption:+866-49-2232733 ext. 3100、3120、3121、3122
▶House Tax, Deed Tax:8259、8763、7573、8551、8574
▶Vehicle License Tax, Amusement Tax, Stamp Tax:8148、8471、8143
▶Vehicle License Tax, Amusement Tax Reduction and Exemption:+866-49-2248395
Inspection Division
▶Tax discipline monitoring business:+866-2-27678692
Tax Auditing Division
▶Auditing of Tax Evasion Cases: +886-2-27642296 ext.607
Tax Collection Administrative Division
▶Tax Collection Act:8199、8436
▶Information Planning:7541
▶Uniform Invoice Award:8205
▶Certified Public Bookkeepers:8243
▶National Property Management:+866-49-2243566
▶Placement of Restriction of Exit:+866-49-2244689
Accounting and Statistics Office
▶Budgeting, Accounting And Statistics:8115
Personnel Office
▶Personnel Management:8112
Civil Service Ethics Office
▶ext. 8548
Secretariat Office
▶Archives Management:8578、8538
▶Case Filing and Assignment:8539、8533
Issued:Tax Collection Adminisrative Division Release date:2017-08-15 Last updated:2021-09-24