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  • 2021-09-24


Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for January to February, 2021

The Taxation Administration stated that the EBC Financial News Channel was commissioned to draw the uniform-invoice prize winning numbers for January to February, 2021, live on a special program at 1:30 pm on March 25th, 2021. For each draw, there is 1 winning number for the special prize and another for the grand prize, as well as 3 winning numbers for the first prize to the sixth prize, and 1 additional winning numbers for the sixth prize. The cloud invoice award includes 30 sets of winning numbers for the one-million-dollar prize, 16,000 sets of winning numbers for the two-thousand-dollar prize and 600,000 sets of winning numbers for the five-hundred-dollar prize.


The winning numbers are as follows : for the special prize of NT$10 million, the winning number is 80325690; that for the grand prize of NT$2 million is 95201943; those for the first prize of NT$200,000 are 64613291, 00581856, and 63105417; those for the second prize of NT$40,000 are 4613291, 0581856, and 3105417 (the last seven digits of the three first-prize numbers); those for the third prize of NT$10,000 are 613291, 581856, and 105417 (the last six digits); those for the fourth prize of NT$4,000 are 13291, 81856, and 05417 (the last five digits); those for the fifth prize of NT$1,000 are 3291, 1856, and 5417 (the last four digits); those for the sixth prize of NT$200 are 291, 856, and 417 (the last three digits); that for the additional sixth prize of NT$200 is 295 (the last three digits of any uniform-invoice) ; and those for one-million-dollar prize of cloud invoice award are KU62791807, KV55367082, KH56315091, KE15169004, KV44270243, JR07148981, JR80064425, JU07202269, JL55420176, JR35882956, JN86393950, KU80555918, JN47900544, KN36825364, JN04325914, KQ49697864, JS64311336, KF39379765, UX76375513, KT05634226, JW20061305, JV35757257, JL37299540, JT01862262, JL52572494, JY64460777, JM80465368, JN32233961, KU50909991, JQ76586748.

The Taxation Administration reminds the public to check their uniform-invoices in hand. The winning numbers for January to February, 2021 are presented on the eTax Portal on the M.O.F. website at https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain/front/ETW183W6?site=en. In order to receive the prize, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present it with his/her identity document (such as: identity card, residence certificate, passport) from April 6th, 2021 to July 5th, 2021. 
Press Release Contact: Miss Huang, Section Chief 
Phone: 02 -2322-8203

Issued:Tax Collection Adminisrative Division Release date:2021-03-25 Last updated:2021-03-25