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  • 2024-07-19

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Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for January to February, 2024

The Taxation Administration stated that the SET iNEWS Channel was commissioned to draw the uniform-invoice prize winning numbers for January to February, 2024, live on a special program at 2 pm on March 25th, 2024. For each draw, there is 1 winning number for the special prize and another for the grand prize, as well as 3 winning numbers for the first prize to the sixth prize. The cloud invoice award includes 30 sets of winning numbers for the one-million-dollar prize, 16,000 sets of winning numbers for the two-thousand-dollar prize, 100,000 sets of winning numbers for the eight-hundred-dollar prize and 1,650,000 sets of winning numbers for the five-hundred-dollar prize.

The winning numbers are as follows : for the special prize of NT$10 million, the winning number is 16620962; that for the grand prize of NT$2 million is 50008017; those for the first prize of NT$200,000 are 73705743, 90315047, and 10604429; those for the second prize of NT$40,000 are 3705743, 0315047, and 0604429 (the last seven digits of the three first-prize numbers); those for the third prize of NT$10,000 are 705743, 315047, and 604429 (the last six digits); those for the fourth prize of NT$4,000 are 05743, 15047, and 04429 (the last five digits); those for the fifth prize of NT$1,000 are 5743, 5047, and 4429 (the last four digits); those for the sixth prize of NT$200 are 743, 047, and 429 (the last three digits); and those for one-million-dollar prize of cloud invoice award are WV20874817、WS66399792、XD37013344、XE81522249、XG53834851、WW88202840、WK50754135、WU21054882、XK82493694、XG55728246、WW98106811、XK59780719、WG88609289、WP10484796、XL82079542、WF14269534、WK78313203、WV52696868、WE93191853、WF21222286、XQ15001001、WV59094421、WV84492581、WK54731674、XP04611257、WG82672803、WV87075723、WY76919328、WX13968351、XG56379894.

The Taxation Administration reminds the public to check their uniform-invoices in hand. The winning numbers for January to February, 2024 are presented on the eTax Portal on the M.O.F. website at https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain/en/etw183w. In order to receive the prize, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present it with his/her identity document (such as: identity card, residence certificate, passport) from April 6th, 2024 to July 5th, 2024.

Press Release Contact: Miss LIN, Section Chief 
Phone: (02)2322-8203

Release date:2024-03-25 Last updated:2024-05-06